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Ceramic Pro San Ramon is 925Tint. With over twenty years of experience in the auto detailing business we have become experts when it comes to taking care of your car. We know how important your car is to you, that’s why we provide specific Auto Detailing packages just for you. Our team staff take pride on every car we work on, that is why we only work with top of the line products as well as the best Automotive Ceramic Coating, Ceramic Pro. With numerous auto detail places in the Bay Area, Ceramic Pro San Ramon guarantees customer satisfaction. If you really care about protecting your vehicle, Ceramic Pro San Ramon is the place to trust.

At Ceramic Pro San Ramon, we take auto detailing seriously. Our Packages range from interior details that will make you feel like you’re driving your brand new car again to our full exterior details that will improve drastically the appearance by removing swirls and imperfections off your paint surfaces. After detailing your vehicle we highly suggest to incorporate our line of Ceramic Coatings. That way, your car will stay clean longer and be protected from contaminants to avoid damage. 

Auto Detailing Packages


An exterior detail that will bring your car back to life and more.

Starting from:

$280 Car / $310 SUV

Double Diamond

A full exterior detail that will improve your car looks drastically.

Starting from:

$520 Car / $600 SUV

Triple Diamond

Make your car look brand new again, count on our professionals when it comes to paint restoration.

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Protect Your Investment.

Included in the Service:

Paint Correction

Our Paint Correction services come with a full car wash, clay bar treatment, and full chemical decontamination. If you are looking to remove your car’s swirls, micro marrings, and imperfections, then the Paint Correction service is perfect for you.

At Ceramic Pro San Ramon, we take auto detailing seriously and we will make sure your car will look brand new again. Our Paint Correction services have multiple correcting stages that will improve drastically the look of your car.

The Paint Correction service is essential prior Ceramic Pro application. We highly recommend choosing a Ceramic Pro Package to go along with the Paint Correction services. 


Interior Detailing

Lets face it, cleaning our car’s interior can be a hassle. Most of the time we tent to neglect it as it can be time consuming and difficult. Cleaning our kids spills, removing our pets’ fur, and getting that smell of a new car once again can be a messy job. If you’re looking for the best interior detailing in the Bay Area, look no further. With years of experience, we have developed skills and techniques to get your car looking and smelling like the time you took it home for the first time. You and your passengers will enjoy your clean and good smelling car. 

Included in the Service:

Included in the Service:

Headlight Restoration

Annoyed by the way your headlights look? Our trained detailers can take care of that problem for you. Performing a headlight restoration is essential to get your headlights back to working how they used to. It’s important to have the lense of your headlights completely clear so you can see at night clearly. Over time, headlights become contaminated and “foggy” as you see in the picture on the left. Besides being a safety hazard, it also makes your vehicle look unattractive even if your car is completely clean and shiny. 

Let our trained professionals restore your headlights so you can have clear visibility at night and have a good looking car.

Customizing Your Car?

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Powder Coating Services

At 925Tint, we understand how special your car is. That’s why we offer you customizing options. Our Powder Coating services range from Brake Caliper to Wheels, to pretty much anything you can Powder Coat. Give your car a new look with an approximate wait of 24 hours for wheels only!

For Brake Caliper Powder Coating we require you to bring your own rebuilding kit, as we must disassemble the brake calipers in order to Powder Coat them. We also recommend bringing your own vinyl decals so we can install it and have that “OEM” look on your brakes.

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