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We offer and install Clear Bra Premium, XPEL Ultimate Automotive Paint Protection Film that clearly works.

XPEL Ultimate Automotive Paint Protection Film
Solar Gard Window Films

Clear Bra Premium is constructed of a tough, conformable layer of thermoplastic urethane for long-term durability. This film is attached with a high-performance, pressure sensitive, acrylic adhesive to guarantee proper adhesion to automotive paints.

Are you tired of seeing rocks and other road debris ruining your car’s finish? By applying a Ceramic Pro 9H kit, your car’s finish will be protected against chips, nicks, and scratches that occur while driving. Clear Bra Premium kits have been engineered to provide more coverage than factory films. Place an invisible layer protection on hoods, bumpers, side mirrors, and other high wear areas. Clear Bra Premium offers Standard, Premium and Light kits for a wide variety of automobiles. Please contact us for more information regarding a specific make and model.

Tesla Model 3 - XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film - Clear Bra

100% High-Wear Coverage.

Unique to Clear Bra Premium is it’s 100% coverage of a vehicle’s high wear surfaces. Clear Bra Premium applications include: hood, front bumper, front fender end caps, rocker panels , side mirrors, door cups and edges, door and trunk handles, wheel well, pick-up bed rails, and other areas susceptible to stone chipping and road abrasions while driving. Headlights are protected against chips and other road hazards under Clear Bra Premium’s headlight shields by applying a non-glare, non-reflective, ultra-durable, clear urethane film.

Tough and Affordable.

Clear Bra Premium covers your car’s most vulnerable areas with a durable clear film. Its special adhesive backing gives you protection that can last for the lifetime of your car. Race tested to over 160 mph, Clear Bra Premium lives up to even the most demanding performance environment.

Exact Fit and Certified Installation.

Each Clear Bra Premium automobile protective film kit is designed and cut specifically for the make and model of your vehicle, guaranteeing a perfect and precise fit. Clear Bra Premium specialists undergo an extensive product knowledge and rigorous hands-on installation certification process with an emphasis on specific automobile make and model. A knowledgeable and professional staff is available to assist customers to ensure that each Clear Bra Premium installation meets the most stringent quality control standard.

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