Window Tinting Installation

Window Tinting Installation

Llumar Window Films

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Llumar IRX

A cool step up that transforms your vehicle inside and out with concentrated IR-heat rejecting capabilities and deluxe, comfort-driven features. 

Llumar CTX

Turn your vehicle into a stylish comfort zone with our CTX tint. It helps tame heat, glare, and UV rays without affecting signal connectivity.

Llumar ATC

This widely available, premium dyed tint is engineered to exacting standards and has our manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty* coverage.

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Window Tinting Bay Area

With over twenty years years of experience, 925Tint is one of the best window tint installation facilities in the Bay Area. Our well trained staff offers outstanding quality work and all of our window tint packages come with lifetime warranty against bubbling, cracking, and discoloration.  At 925Tint, We only use top of the line window films, so you can have the longest protection and the best quality as possible.

Why should you have Ceramic window tint? There are many advantages, from privacy, styling, and heat rejection, Ceramic window tint offers cutting-edge technology that rejects heat no matter what shade you go for during those hot summer days in the Bay Area. Besides being the best heat rejector of its line, Ceramic window tint provides that perfect appearance you are looking for. At 925Tint, we guarantee you will love the new look of your car.

Window Tint Packages

Prime CS

It’s amazing how much a micro-thin layer of film can improve your life on the road.

Heat Rejection
  • SUVs $450
  • 3rd Row $500

Prime XR Black

Expect a major upgrade in glass performance when you have ceramic tint.

Heat Rejection

Prime XR Plus

When you want to stay as cool as possible, count on the most concentrated and effective IR-blocking ceramic technology from Xpel.

Heat Rejection

Tesla Window Tint Packages

At 925Tint, we are experts when it comes to Window Tinting Teslas. We are one of the most trusted Window Tinting shops in the Bay Area that offer high quality Tint jobs with Lifetime warranty. For our fellow Tesla Model 3 owners, we are one of the very few shops that offer a one piece tint for your rear windshield. Lets get your Tesla treated by professionals. 

Install AIR to upgrade your factory window glass with more protection from shattering, heat and glare, and a shield against 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays that’s recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Because it’s barely detectable, LLumar AIR film can even be installed on factory-tinted windows. It’s an optically clear layer that enhances performance without altering your vehicle’s exterior look, or your views of the road.

Xpel Blue 80

This film is a barely visible, micro-thin layer of nano-ceramic tint technology – but without the window-darkening tint.

Heat Rejection
Interior Protection From Fading

99% UV Protection

900 +
Vehicles Tinted Every Year by 925Tint



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Protect Your Investment.

Residential Window Tinting

925Tint offers the best residential window tinting in the Bay Area. We proudly have hundreds of customer satisfied by our work and the looks of their new home. Our Ceramic window films provide the privacy and protection you are looking for, and will provide UV rejection, heat rejection, and shattering prevention. 

Enjoy the benefits of having Ceramic window film at your home, keep your home cool during the hot summers while having the privacy you are looking for. At 925Tint, we offer a variety of shades so you can have the looks you’re going for.

Commercial Window Tinting

925Tint offers Commercial window tinting, take care of your customers and employees by having Ceramic window tint at your business or office. 

Have the privacy and protection you desire for your business or office. At 925Tint, we are experts at installing commercial window tinting. Our films and workmanship come with a lifetime warranty, so there are no worries for using our service.

Solar Window Film

If you’re ready to take control of temperatures in your home or office and add next-level privacy with UV protection, look no further than VISION Solar Window Film.



VLTs Available: 35, 50, 60

Developed with nano-ceramic technology, this exceptionally durable film performs in the toughest environments. It provides heat, UV, and glare reduction, without the look of conventional metal films.


VLTs Available: 25, 40, 50, 65

Using smart metal technology, this film rejects a significant amount of heat while allowing visible light to pass through. The smart metals add an elegant shine designed to complement exterior aesthetics.


VLTs Available: 20, 40, 55, 70

A multi-layered construction, this innovative film offers the highest performance possible from non-shiny film. It provides maximum infrared heat rejection and does not increase the shine of existing glass.

California Law on Automotive Window Tint

Wondering what is the limit window tint for your car? California requires drivers to have 70% or lighter window film on the front passenger and driver sides. For the front windshield, drivers are allowed to have a four inch strip of non-reflective film at the top of the front windshield. As of the rest of your car, you can have all the windows as dark as you want them to be. To learn more click here.