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Best-in-Class Window Tinting And More:

Superior Service

Our professional home, office, and car tinting promises a beautiful look, increased safety, and added comfort.

Skillful Technicians

We provide fast, quick, and painless installations and give you peace of mind with a 100% lifetime guarantee.

Your One-Stop Shop

Need more than window tinting? We also provide top-notch auto glass repairs and Clear Bra installations to protect your car’s finish. Is Proud To Serve You In San Ramon And The Bay Area!

Why You Should Choose For Your Window Tinting Needs?

The best quality. Guaranteed.

Unlike most other car window tinting and auto window repair shops in San Ramon. We use only the highest-quality XPEL products in our tinting process. Our specialists are professionally-trained and take pride in creating the best window tint job possible and, in turn, satisfying customers like you. Appointments and walk-ins are both welcome. And best of all, we offer a 100% lifetime guarantee on every job we do.

With years and years of experience, our window tinting is sure to please the eye and last a lifetime.

The number one reason people tint their car’s windows is to boost its appearance. Our staff at not only has the know-how to help you choose the best window film product, but also guarantees a smooth installation and a beautiful, and uniform look that will no doubt please your eye. If you want to avoid a shoddy installation and take your car’s appearance to the next level, we are the go-to people for the job. The last thing you want is to spend your hard earned cash on a bad tint job that will need to be replaced after just a few years.

Our commercial, residential, and auto window tinting will improve comfort, save on energy, and increase safety.

Improving appearance isn’t the only reason people should think about window tinting. In fact, tinting your home, office, or car’s windows with our quality window film has many other benefits that will no doubt satisfy anyone concerned with safety, comfort, and saving money. First, it will reduce heat by up to 78% that, in turn, will save countless dollars spent on air-conditioning. Additionally, window tinting can boost comfort levels by cutting out annoying glare, and temperature imbalances. Our window tinting jobs will provide safety from breakages caused by intense weather conditions, accidents, or vandalism.

More than just window tinting. also provides first-rate auto window repair and Clear Bra installation.

Broken windshields and car windows are a reality of life. Whether it be a foul ball at a baseball game, a particularly destructive piece of gravel, or a forced break-in, every car owner has had to deal with it at least once in their life. Our glass repair professionals can skillfully replace back glass, vent glass, quarter glass, door glass, and door regulator motors in as little as an hour. If you are interested in protecting your car’s finish from scrapes and dents, we also have specialists on hand to install Clear Bra Premium, a paint protection film that promises long-term durability.

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What Our Satisfied Customers Say

Joe C.

San Ramon, CA


“A day I was able to get my windows tinted but only had 30 min before most companies closes. I sent Henry a yelp message thinking he won’t reply like most company. However within 5 min I get a quote back.

I was about 5 min away and ask if he be willing to get me in and tent my van windows. Few minutes later I get a respond yes. Fired up my van and drove out there. They took my van into the shop and went to work. While working on my phone 15 minutes later van was done!! “Wow!” I said, “You’re really good or you just work fast!” He showed me around how they do their work and was very impress on there set up.

Before starting on my van they made sure my windows were very clean before adding the tent. No streaks no bubbles no water marks. I’ll be back with another van sometime soon…”
yelp star

Elvina L.

Emeryville, CA


“The moment I walked in, I was greeted by a friendly and warm receptionist. I believe she is the owner’s daughter. She explained the options clearly and showed me samples of the levels of tint and helped me pick the appropriate treatment for my windows.

During the procedure, they offered to give me a ride somewhere local, that was so nice of them, I did not even think they were going to offer that. I don’t know if this is standard or maybe they had time to do me a favor. Either way, they were so nice and kind.

Got my car back within the 2 hours that they had told me, did a beautiful job!
I’ve had my car back for a week now and the tint hasn’t had any problems.

Thank you so much for the awesome job on my car!”
yelp star

Surj S.

Blackhawk, CA


“Called Henry last week and spoke on the phone – I had no idea about tint, types or much of anything. He was patient and explained ceramic/crystaline etc and we fixed up a date. Took my car in this morning; they got right on it and were done in super-quick time! Henry offered to drop me at Sbux but I had a few work calls so I hung around.

Then he showed me how they cut the templates and how they like to remove the rear 3rd brake light rather than cut around it – all very impressive and nice of him to show me. Car looks great – I get nice little sticker reminding me not to open the windows for a few days (three, right Henry?) and an explanation that the moisture marks will dissipate over the next 4 weeks.

Sounds reasonable – Henry and his team were great. Will bring my other car in for front windows tint next week.”
yelp star

Lisa L.

Hayward, CA


“If I could give these guys more then 5 stars, I would.

I’ve taken both of my cars to them and they did an amazing job. One car was there about 3 years ago and the tint job is still holding up. My new car I took to them a few months ago and am more then pleased with the job they did.

The owner at the time had injured his hand so we stood and talked while his guys did the tint job, the owner inspected it and for whatever reason didn’t like how something looked and jumped in (even though his hand was injured) and redid the window himself.

All of the guys at the shop are great! They quick, friendly and get the job done. Prices are great and their state of the art tint cutting machine is so cool! The owner is the absolute sweetest and I wouldn’t trusts my cars to anyone else.”
yelp star

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