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925Tint.com specializes in auto window tinting, residential tinting, as well as commercial tinting, but that's not all we have to offer. We also perform headlight restoration as well as painted tail lights. Want to keep your vehicle looking great? Why not consider getting our XPEL Protective Film wraps. Oh, and we also do auto glass repair, too. You can learn more about our services throughout this website.

What Are The Benefits of Tinting Your Windows?

There are many benefits to adding even the slightest tint to the windows of your home, car, building, or anything with a window!! The sun is known to be damaging to basically everything given a certain amount of time, so it’s best to prolong the life of your belongings and your physical body when you could tint your lifestyle and improve the quality of protection from the sun. The cost to tint car windows is nothing compared to the benefits of window tinting your vehicle. Lucky for you, here at 925 Tint, we offer all tinting services to suit your needs. Whether you need auto window tint, home window tint, and also commercial window tint, we’ve got you covered. After reading this paragraph, you may be thinking, why are tinted windows so good? Well, here’s the services we provide with reasoning behind each one.

Auto Window Tint

While it’s unlawful to tint your windshield, everything else can be tinted without any problems at all. It’s extremely beneficial to you and your vehicle if you tint your windows. It keeps your car a lot cooler, which protects the interior, as well as you. Especially in hotter states, there’s nothing like getting into your newly tinted car after work to find that it’s much cooler than it was before it was tinted. It’s an amazing feeling and overall completes the feeling someone should get from driving and being in their car. No more burning your arm on the center console or having to barely touch the steering wheel. There’s honestly nothing worse than getting branded by accidentally touching your scorching hot seat belt buckle to the skin of your arm only to hear and feel hairs actually singe off and disintegrate.

Another vital point auto window tinting is the appearance of your car. All nicer cars have some form of window tint installed. It’s a part of the car that is almost a must have if you want that clean, complete look to your new ride. When a nice car has window tint, it adds to the rest of the car. Because the windows are tinted, people don’t look inside the car because they can’t see what’s inside. Instead, they focus their gaze on the rest of the car such as the rims, tail lights, headlights and whatever other accessories and tune ups have been done to the vehicle. If you really love your car, you’d invest in some quality, everlasting window tint.

Cars are designed to be safe, which is why every car has some sort of window tint, even if it isn’t dark at all. Tint is the key to making sure that the glass of your windows isn’t shattered all over you in an accident. Another aspect of window tint that helps with the safety of driving your vehicle is the amount of glare from the sun that is reduced through the tint of your windows. Glare is a dangerous part of driving that people often forget about. Tinting your windows can eliminate this hazard and fully equip your car with safety in mind. If I was buying a new car for my child or someone I care about, I would not hesitate to invest in some window tint to ensure that glare doesn’t put them in danger.

A majority of people invest in window tint because they are worried about burglary. If a car’s windows are tinted, these criminals who wander the streets looking for things to steal can’t see inside the vehicle, which inhibits their decision on whether or not breaking into the car is worth the risk of the car not having any valuables. With that being said, whether you’re concerned about criminals or not, sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Home and Building Window Tint

There are quite a few benefits of window tinting for your home. Compared to cars, homes usually have a lot more windows. This means that the sun on a bright clear day can turn your beautifully-windowed estate into a glass box of heat. Once the sun’s rays shine through your glass windows, they are trapped inside the glass box that is your home. Thus, the reason for investing in window film is imminent.

The film we use to install onto your windows is protective from these sun rays in that they don’t let as much sunshine into the rooms of your home. This means that less of the sun’s rays will be trapped behind the glass, making your home immensely cooler than it was before. This leads to paying less for AC, saving money, energy, and overall stress because everyone loves a home that makes those living inside feel cool, calm and collected.

As well as residential window tinting, we also tint office buildings and commercial properties. The workplace should not look like one giant fish bowl, it should be a well tinted dark building that keeps everyone inside feeling cool and productive while they work. A lot of the time, commercial window tint isn’t just darker, it’s also reflective in order to keep even more of the sun’s rays out, and keep the air inside cooler than ever.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

925Tint.com is proud to offer our customers a 100% lifetime guarantee on all vinyl wraps and tint installs. We work hard to ensure there is not and will not be any peeling, bubbling, cracking or fading of our tint films and products. The installation will be performed in a fast and efficient manner, using only the best quality materials available to us to use for your residence, business and/or vehicle.

Still not sold on window tinting? Feel free to read our article on the benefits tinting your windows.

San Ramon Window Tinting Worthy of All Five Stars

The best part about deciding to use our services is that you don't have to take our word for it. We like to let our customers do the talking. We invite you to check out our online reviews, where we have received several five star reviews from your San Ramon neighbors, coworkers, and friends.

925Tint.com has the experience, cutting edge technology, and commitment to quality service that you and your car deserve. Don't hesitate to reach out for a free estimate today.

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